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  Brian & Krysstal are delighted to be part of the PBH Free Fringe.


PBH's Free Fringe 2008







Brian and Krysstal return to Edinburgh for their eighth consecutive year with Pear Shaped. One and a half hours of madcap humour in the haunted back room of the White Horse in Canongate. Brian and Krysstal  showcase their summer collection of Fringe favourites. Drop-ins, drop-outs, weird and wonderful comedy acts plucked from the streets of Edinburgh.

Pear Shaped ran at midnight in Edinburgh for six years at the Holyrood Tavern. Last year, the duo decided to get up earlier and showcase their comedic peers in the afternoon as part of PBHÕs Free Fringe. It was surprisingly nice. Brian & Krysstal were sober, the acts were sober, and the audience were sober. It was so nice Brian & Krysstal have decided to do the same again in 2008.

All acts do 5 minutes Between the acts Brian and Krysstal perform their special brand of humour and silly songs to create a wonderfully anarchic but comfortable atmosphere where anything goes. LOADS of comics LOADS of laughs.

"...a line-up of acts ranging from the highly professional to the unashamedly amateurish. It is wild. Madly wonderful." The Stage

Aug 2-9, 11-22, (1hr 30 mins)

4pm to 5 30pm, Admission FREE


  PBH's Free Fringe 2008


 All Pear Shaped gigs are free entry - but please feel free to chuck 20 or 30 quid in the bucket on the way out - if you enjoyed the show. Not a bad deal is it?




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